For Product-Based Business Owners

The Survival Kit Bundle 

Creative and Alternative Ways to Pivot and Sell Your Products Online, NOW

The Exact Framework to Learn How to transition your business strategy to sell and market more online... your business can pivot during a crisis and ultimately survive 
and thrive, with or without a website.

Shows and Markets are canceled “In-Person” is on hold, and stores aren’t buying. Whether your primary sales channels were online, in-person, wholesale, or a good mix of it all… EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. And honestly, while change sometimes feels scary...creativity and innovation are born in times like these.

What if there were a clear, actionable way to pivot your sales strategy to online WITHOUT having to build a website from scratch, pay for ads, or leave your house…

… Would you feel confident to pivot your business online and show up where your customers are?

Guess What?

There’s Good News

Your customers are at home too...mainly on their phones and computers...and they are still shopping...ONLINE.

And you can STOP focusing on canceled in-person events, markets, and brick and mortars and instead…

Create a business with a strong online presence

with relevant products that your customers want to buy

That not only survives but thrives.


During uncertain times there is one thing we are sure of…
Your business must adapt and develop an online strategy.

Every single business on earth is working on its business strategy right now. Take a little comfort in that. We are all looking for ways to get creative and adjust to this “new normal.” 

But not every business has the capability to innovate and pivot as easily and quickly as small businesses. Big brands are scrambling. They have huge overhead, a lot of cash tied up in inventory, and a ton of red tape. They try to pivot, but it takes a lot more time and resources for them to adjust.

While the big guys are down YOU have an opportunity to rise, slip in between the cracks, and take over some of their market share.

Even Amazon can't beat you on shipping times these days!

This means there is an opportunity in the market for you, the small business!

You are an entrepreneur and…
Entrepreneurs aren't afraid to think differently...

In fact, your ability to dream up your product, source your materials, figure out how to produce it, and sell it to people who are willing to pay you is PROOF that you are an action-taker and brave.

While we may all feel a bit fearful right now, we can lean into this opportunity and show ourselves what we are really made of.
  • You are creative.
  • You are scrappy.
  • You are innovative.
  • ​You are brave.
A business that will survive right now is a business that has developed creative and alternative ways to sell and market their products online 
(with or without a website).
  • They are leaning into selling online and creating a bigger virtual presence than they had before.
  • They are making their product and messaging relevant to their customers right now.

And wherever you are in the process of adapting your business to this “new normal,” the good news is that you are not alone.

By working closely with our students and community we were able to see exactly what they needed to do to survive right now. And that is how and why we developed the P.I.V.O.T.S and L.E.A.N.S Framework.

Why the P.I.V.O.T.S and L.E.A.N.S Framework?

Here at The Product Boss, we have had the honor to work with THOUSANDS of fellow 
product-based business owners. 
We coach business owners at all levels from startup to multiple seven figures...and this is what they have been asking us:
  • Should I even be selling right now?
  • Is what I sell even what my customers want right now?
  • How do I keep my business running during social distancing?
  • ​How do I manage the daily operations of my business from home?
  • ​How do I bring in revenue if all of my plans are canceled?
  • How can I grow my business while juggling my kids and responsibilities at home?
  • ​How can I ensure my business survives this?
We started teaching this framework and we watched people adapt to a new way of doing business, by getting scrappy and creative, and making more sales in a few days then they did in the months before the crisis.
  • We discovered 11 sections product biz could focus on, right now, to grow their sales and increase their visibility even when they can’t leave their house.
  • We found that a creative entrepreneur P.I.V.O.T.S. their business, mindset, and product to change, adapt, and survive.
  • And a successful product business L.E.A.N.S. into online selling - in a scrappy and creative way so they can get up and running fast to meet the customer’s needs at the time.

We could see that this was a creative solution to what small businesses need. So we created a step-by-step framework that was easy to follow and take action on.

That’s why we are proud to introduce:

Discover the exact framework that will help you generate revenue so that you survive, thrive, and become stronger in the end.

At the end of The Survival Kit Bundle, you’ll have:

  • Pivoted your business and messaging to be relevant right now.
  • A plan and strategy for how to transition and grow your business online.
  • Discovered how to generate revenue and easily transact online, even if you don’t have a website.
  • ​Developed short-term and long-term strategies to take action on how to help you set yourself up for the future.
  • ​Created an action plan for getting sales in creative and alternative ways.
  • Transformed into a new way of “doing business” that will force innovation and ultimately create a business, brand, and life that you want.

What’s Inside The Survival Kit Course Bundle?


The Pivot & Sell Course (Value $1000)

Creative and Alternative Ways to Pivot and Lean into Selling Your Products Online, NOW

The Pivot & Sell Course and Framework breaks up the steps you need to take to lean into the “new ways” of business that involve selling and marketing online into 11+ actionable modules that you can complete in an afternoon. You can create a new strategy and be up and selling 100% online (with or without a website) in a matter of minutes.

Take a look at what we’ll cover…

P.I.V.O.T.S Framework

Module 1: Product

The biggest thing people forget to do is look at what assets they currently have. We’ll teach you that you have everything you need to make sales immediately with the products you have on hand.

Module 2: Innovate

We’ll help you figure out how to make your product and business relevant and create new messaging and positioning to tap into your customer’s needs.

Module 3: Virtual Options

Quickly start selling online. You do not need to build a website to sell online, and we will help you discover your new options.

Module 4: Offers and Overdeliver

We will help you develop your new, relevant product offerings. This is where you learn how to stand out from the competition...and even stand out from the “big guys.”

Module 5: Transaction

We will teach you easy and simple ways to close the sale and make the transaction without an eCommerce store or Etsy.

Module 6: Shipping

We will share strategies and options for the best ways to deliver the order to your customer and get it into their hands, safely. 

L.E.A.N.S Framework

Module 7: Local

Discover the power of local and how to reach your local community by turning them into paying customers.

Module 8: Emails

Whether you have 50 or 50,000 people on your email list we will share specific email campaigns to send out, right now.

Module 9: Alternative Partners

We will teach you how to continue to work with retailers, potentially build your wholesale business, and create new partnerships.

Module 10: Network

Learn how to tap into your personal network without feeling awkward.

Module 11: Social Media

We will teach you quick and easy ways to use Facebook and Instagram to increase your visibility, engagement, and make more sales.

Module 12: Implementation

This is where we help you take everything you have learned, put it together, and actually implement it, with an action plan.

The D.O.N.E Method (Value: $97)

Get the secrets to working from home. 

We get it, managing your time, staying motivated, and juggling efficiency while multi-tasking a full time job or home-schooling your kiddos can feel overwhelming. We have been working from home for years while juggling our other businesses and being the primary parents of our young kids. We’ve got the method that will help you get things DONE!

Workbook of the D.O.N.E. Method Includes:

  • Design Your Work Space + Schedule
  • Time Blocks + Batches
  • Next 90-Day Project Roster + Project Worksheet
  • ​Daily Brain Dump Worksheet
  • End Of Day Routine Checklist
  • ​21-Day Challenge

Day Planner


Tasks List

Evaluation Worksheet

Consistency Audit

Video Training to support you step-by-step





Scripts + Workbook + Checklists + Tools + BONUS Audio Trainings

Do you know the #1 way to connect quickly and effectively with your customers, right now?


Don’t worry friend! We’ve got you. Even the most introverted product boss among us can do this!


  • Top 14 Video Scripts that will help you show up easily on video to create authentic relationships with your customers and sell your products without sounding “sale-sy”
  • 3 Modules with lessons to support you step-by-step + audio
  • Video Prep Workbook
  • Get Prepared Worksheets + Checklists
  • ​Our Favorite Simple, Cheap & Easy Tools for Video
  • Our 3 C’s Pillars of Content Framework

Day Planner


Tasks List

Evaluation Worksheet

Consistency Audit

Video Training to support you step-by-step

PART THREE: Easy and Simple Video Scripts
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"90 Day Roadmap Virtual Workshop"
 2-hour Pre-Recorded Virtual Workshop + worksheets to help you create a 90-Day Roadmap: break down your tasks, understand your numbers, plan out your days, weeks and months ahead and have a goal and focus in mind.
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Here’s what ALSO included in the Survival Kit BUNDLE:

Training 1: “Sales Channels Masterclass (Value: $297)

How to Pick the Right Sales Platform for Your Business” We dig into the pros and cons of 9 different revenue-building sales channels for product-based businesses, so you have options.

Training 2: “10 Minutes to 10x Your Website” (Value:$97)

A quick strategy to work on your website search engine optimization for ten minutes every day for maximum return on your effort.

Training 3: “The 5 Steps Back to Normal” (Value:$97)

A guide to help you create a plan to stabilize, persevere, prepare, plan, and execute your way through the crisis and to the other side. This guide will help you stay proactive vs. reactive.

Training 4: “Covid-19 Response for Small Business” (Value:$97)

In our experience, business leaders that step up and take action during a crisis will have a better chance of surviving and thriving during uncertain times. We outline several guidelines to help navigate your company’s current and future situation. 

Training 5: “Future-Proof Your Biz: Trend Report” (Value:$297)

Wish you had a crystal ball so you could plan for the unexpected future? This trend report includes “insider” market analysis so you can learn what's selling now and plan for what the future economy and what consumer trends will demand.

Total Value $5,867

Regular Price $397 $297

You can get started TODAY with flexible payment options:

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Immediate, ALL Access to the entire Course Bundle.

 (No drip format.)

Video lessons with audio, worksheets, tools, and hot tips delivered to you in a member’s only vault.

Learn Anytime: The Course Bundle is self-guided, which means you can learn at your own pace.

It’s Yours forever: Go back and review it whenever and as often as you like. You have access for life to the entire bundle.

You are not alone: Access to our private pop-up Facebook group with weekly Live Q&A with Jacqueline and Minna to ask questions, get support and accountability, and grow your network of Product Bosses (you may even find your own biz bestie).

We are in this together.

We created this bundle as our response to helping our community survive and thrive during this “uncertain time’.

And because of this, we are offering our lowest payment plan and price ever on the course.

PLUS – You get our guarantee.

We want this to be an easy decision for you, so here’s the deal:

You don’t have to make a decision today. Try the course, implement it, do the work, and if you don’t love it and it doesn’t work for you, just show us your work and let us know within 2 weeks, and we will give you all your money back.
*Must ask for a refund within two weeks of payment.
Here’s what fellow Product Bosses are saying...

“Jacqueline and Minna helped me to see how small improvements can clarify my message and sales, and that they related on a personal level to the struggles and help that I need to succeed.”

Ann Williams, Yearly Company

"I knew that these ladies would be important allies for growing my product-based business, Herbin Alchemy. I have since joined their mastermind and couldn’t be happier with my decision"

- Herbin Alchemy
"I was feeling completely lost, especially with too many ideas to sort out.
"You've helped me come up with a clear plan to move forward with my product idea, and I can't thank you enough! If people only knew how valuable this is, they would not hesitate. As business owners, it can get lonely or confusing sorting out which ideas to act on, and you helped that process become easy for me. I am eternally grateful to both of you. And I should also mention that you make it fun too!"
Julie Hefner, Nourish Nutrition
"FINALLY, I found an exceptional resource that doesn't have just a couple of golden nuggets."
Hey, I'm Steve, and I run a small business as a side hustle to my "real" job. The business has existed for nearly three years now. I get all the training, knowledge, and experience I need at work for that job. But where's a small (ehhh, micro!) business owner supposed to get all the training, knowledge, and experience to be successful on their own without all the institutional support of an established entity? FINALLY, I found an exceptional resource that doesn't have just a couple of golden nuggets. The first year was slow to get going, the second year "picked up just because"...and this third year has really blossomed. I owe that in part to you both because of what I learned from you.. Again, many thanks!
Steve @ DoorJamm
"Finding Minna and Jacqueline have been an absolute blessing"
Finding Minna and Jacqueline have been an absolute blessing; while I love ‘workshopping it’ in person, locally, I don’t have much product-based choice. The Product Boss is just like the best workshops but with convenience, and I can’t thank them enough for all the gems and truths they share. Whether you are looking for a community of like-minded makers or more knowledge on building a product-based business, I highly recommend you glean from these wonderful ladies. I promise you, you will feel more positive, motivated, and have a smile on your face in moments!
Roslyn B.


Together we have...

  • 27+ years of combined experience in building product-based businesses
  • ​Built a multi-six figure product-based business by leveraging Amazon
  • ​Helped 1000+ fashion brands grow their businesses, including celebrity brands
  • ​Spoken on stages including Dallas Market, LA Textile Show, Sourcing At Magic and Biz Chix
  • ​Hosted The Product Boss Podcast, an Apple Top 100 Business Podcast

Get to know us better...


Owner, Designer Consulting Coop; Co-Owner, The Product Boss

Jacqueline is an apparel and accessories expert with over 11 years consulting start-ups and a B.F.A in Fashion Design. She owns Designer Consulting Co-Op (DCC) and has helped almost 1,000 fashion-based brands grow their businesses. In addition to the DCC, Jacqueline launched her own product-based, multi-figure business, Cuffs Couture, selling worldwide and dressing countless celebrities.
Fun fact: Jacqueline is married to Harry Potter.  Actually, his name is James and he plays Harry Potter on Broadway. She is the proud mama of two little munchkins and has been an entrepreneur at since she was 10.


Owner, Lil' Labels, LLC; Co-Owner, The Product Boss

Minna is an Amazon expert with over 14 years of entrepreneurial experience, a bachelor’s degree in Advertising, minor in Psychology and a Master's degree in Business Administration. She is the owner of Lil' Labels and currently has a revenue of multiple-6-figures, selling on multiple platforms, including Amazon, Walmart and Jet.
Fun fact: Minna made it to the 2nd/video round of Shark Tank with over 42,000 entrepreneurs auditioning in the first round. She is the mom of two little girls and her favorite things are good food, checklists, coffee, business books, warm weather and podcasts.
You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.
I need to make changes in my business right away, will the course module be dripped out over a certain amount of weeks?
The Survival Kit Bundle and all courses, modules, and trainings within it are instantly accessible to you once you sign up. That means that you can access any and all content whenever you need it, think no-drip format.
How long does this Bundle take to complete?
Typically students complete the course in an average of 2-4 weeks, but we have built this so that you can complete it in your own time. We know you have jobs, families, and businesses to run. No pressure, we want you to feel supported as you build your business.
This bundle has so many helpful courses and trainings, but I feel stretched with time and am not sure I can finish it quickly.
No worries, friend! We've got you. For as long as we offer this course, you will have lifetime access to all of the course content bundle. That’s right, a lifetime. So no rush. Dig in where you need the most help, right now, and come back to this survival kit as needed. It’s here when you need it.
How is the Survival Kit Bundle different than the other The Product Boss Courses I have purchased?
Our signature course, Multi-Stream Machine, is an implementation course that focuses on 8 different sales platforms you can use to grow your business. This Course bundle was explicitly created to help product-based business owners in real-time during social distancing. We created a course that was easy for anyone to implement, and the strategies shared require no money to implement. While we teach about social media and emails, there is minimal cross over in our main offerings between this and our other courses such as A Year of Content, Emails for eCommerce, or Instagram Crash Course. There may be a few bonuses that we offer in MSM and this bundle.
I am not tech-savvy, can I still use what you teach in this course bundle?
Yes, 100%! We actually created this bundle with you in mind. To be honest, all business owners need to pivot and sell 100% online right now. We have used what we teach in this course for a student that was selling a few items each month on Etsy and a few custom orders to a student that has a significant Instagram presence, 800 retail partnerships, and a Shopify store. She is using several of the strategies we teach in this course bundle. So yes, we built this bundle so you could start to sell virtually online, easily, and in creative and alternative ways for even the least tech-savvy amongst us.
Who is the Survival Kit Course Bundle For?
This Survival Kit was created for people who currently have a product to sell or a brick and mortar that sells products.
I am a direct seller, would this course bundle be right for me?
Yes and no. Depending on the company you represent, there are different guidelines and rules, and we did not create this specifically for direct sellers. But, there are strategies and trainings in this bundle that could 100% help you right now and are worth the entire investment in the course. Since this course gives you instant access to any module or training immediately, you can just skip to the training you feel will help you the most right now.
Will this course be useful after this crisis is over?
Yes, absolutely. You see, an unexpected crisis can occur at any time in your business for many surprising reasons. And as a business owner, you need to be prepared and have an alternative plan for doing business. Once you adapt your business to survive this, we are sure you can survive anything. And the lessons taught here will continue to help you in the future. And because you have access to this course forever, you will also have access to any future updates we make.
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Exclusive Pay in Full Bonus!
"90 Day Roadmap Virtual Workshop"
 2-hour Pre-Recorded Virtual Workshop + worksheets to help you create a 90-Day Roadmap: break down your tasks, understand your numbers, plan out your days, weeks and months ahead and have a goal and focus in mind.
$297 Value...FREE
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We're happy to answer any questions you might have to make the best choice for you.
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